REISSE Head Set and Bolts Kits

FPS has launched a new short range of fast moving headset and bolts kits.

Reisse is a new brand to the UK aftermarket. This specialist brand manufactures engine systems and will be distributed exclusively by FPS in the UK. The first range of products to be launched in the UK is a short range of very fast moving head set and bolts kits. 140 different engine codes are covered by these 20 references, including the K series engine (universal kit).99% of engine manufacturers specify the replacement of the head bolts whenever replacing the cylinder head gasket. When tightening head bolts they are designed to be tightened beyond their yielding points. Consequently it will not be possible to reach the required clamping force if these bolts are to be re-used. The leaking which will inevitably follow will void the warranty cover period. Reisse have identified the importance of this and have consequently incorporated the bolts required in every set. This range from Reisse also comes with an exclusive 2 year warranty and is only available through FPS in the UK.By purchasing a Reisse head set and bolts kit all parts required for the head set change are included in the box. One catalogue, one part number and one kit for all you need to get the job done.


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