Reducing the Impact of Idling Damage with Magnetic Start-Stop Engine Lubricant

Castrol explains why idling leads to engine damage and how drivers can avoid extensive wear by choosing the right engine lubricant.

Castrol Magnatec Stop-Start Index is a joint global research initiative by Castrol and TomTom (TOM2) on idling time across 78 cities. It has shown that the average driver can stop and start up to 23,160* times a year. The Stop-Start Index has revealed that drivers around the world spend up to a third of their journey idling. With more people living in cities than ever before, traffic congestion has become a way of life.

*Figures recorded in Manchester, figures from other cities vary.

Idle Damage

Engines are built to perform at their best when the car is in constant motion. Frequent stopping and starting (which is typical of city driving), involves more decelerating, more idling and more accelerating. This causes pieces of metal to be abraded off the surfaces of critical engine parts, increasing microscopic engine wear.

When a car is in idle, it not only wastes fuel but it also strips oil from critical components that help the engine run, namely the cylinders and pistons. The relatively slow speed of the engine exerts more pressure (up to 60% more than motorway speeds) on the bottom and top centre of the bearings. However, the faster the engine turns, the more evenly the pressure load gets spread over the bearing surface.

Start-Stop Solution

Castrol Magnatec Stop-Start specifically protects the engine in busy traffic conditions, offering 20%* more protection from damaging stop-start wear.

Castrol Magnatec Stop-Start uses a fully synthetic technology containing intelligent molecules that cling to critical engine parts and form a self- healing layer of protection. When molecules are removed in the process of fighting wear, other molecules take the space to restore the protective layer. This helps protect engine surfaces at each critical stage of stop-start driving.

*Versus industry limit in the OM646LA engine test.

Superior Performance

The ultra-refined molecular components cling to engine surfaces throughout all driving conditions, styles and temperatures, even when the engine is off. As a result, the intelligent molecules deliver superior performance under extreme cold start-up conditions.

Most drivers in the UK consider the car manufacturer’s recommendation as the prime criteria when selecting the brand of oil. Castrol is amongst the most recommended oils on the market with a range of products that is fully ‘approved’ by manufacturers.

Castrol Magnatec Stop-Start and a range of other Castrol products are available from FPS via the F:Drive. It can be located through Maintenance>Oils & Additives>Oils Engine. For more information, speak to your local FPS representative today.


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