Reducing Brake Dust: TRW D-Tec Brake Pads Promote a Cleaner Drive

Kevin Price, UK Marketing Manager for TRW explains how emerging technologies like the D-Tec brake pads enhance aftermarket opportunities by producing 45% less dust without loss of performance.

Although some brake dust is expected under normal wear on brake pads and shoes, excessive brake dust is not only unsightly, some consumers perceive it as an indicator of a low quality product or faults.

Greener Thinking

Having manufactured over 100 million brake pads in-house, TRW carefully monitors industry trends to provide innovative braking solutions and in line with its policy of ‘Greener Thinking’, introduced the D-Tec range in 2014.

Standing for ‘Dust-reducing Technology’, the D-Tec brake pads, available on next-day delivery from FPS, offer 45% less dust without compromising on performance.

How does D-Tec differ from other brake pads available in the aftermarket?

Kevin Price (KP): D-Tec eliminates the choice drivers traditionally had to make between the high performance associated with (low) metallic friction material, and the low dust of a ceramic formulation, by offering both. Tested to meet exacting industry standards, the D-Tec range is also designed to be aesthetically appealing with a TRW red shim.

How does D-Tec cater for modern vehicle technologies and applications?

KP: We invest heavily in R&D to ensure that our products and technologies are in line with the needs of the modern vehicle technician. With close connections to every level of the aftermarket, we understand what factors need in order to allow their customers – the garages to grow their businesses. The D-Tec programme covers 75% of the UK vehicle parc, with the latest range extension providing references for vehicles such as: Audi A4, A5 and Q7; VW Transporter and BMW 7-Series.

FPS’ 360° initiative aims at providing the aftermarket with emerging technologies – how do D-Tec pads sit alongside this programme?

KP: TRW takes innovations very seriously – all D-Tec brake pads are treated with Cotec – TRW’s innovative silicate brake pad coating that provides optimum performance from the first stop. Independent tests show that Cotec-coated pads outperform OE and major competitor pads by reducing stopping distance by up to 7 metres when stopping immediately following a pad change. At the start of the ‘bedding in’ process, the brake pad exhibits ‘green behaviour’, where the friction co-efficient is lower and drivers can find it difficult to adjust to the difference in performance during these first stops. By improving contact between the brake disc and pad, TRW Cotec addresses this issue.

Thinking in terms of systems, engineers from across TRW work together to integrate our OE knowledge into the aftermarket offer, resulting in premium quality braking parts which work in perfect harmony within the system.

What kind of campaign activities have you planned for the range?

KP: The TRW Perfect Match campaign highlights the benefits of fitting both its pads and discs – backed by its new, extended 3 year/36,000 mile warranty against material or production defects when fitted together. This warranty is available by signing up to the TRW Tech Corner – a free, online technical information hub to help installers repair and replace TRW parts safely.

TRW is a pioneer in the design, development and manufacture of complete braking systems for vehicle manufacturers. Over the past 20 years, the business has directly transferred this experience into the aftermarket, providing a strong support to motor factors across the UK.


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