Bosch Filter Range

The Quality Difference in Bosch Filters

Bosch explains the key differences in their quality filters and why it is important to consider quality over price point when it comes to choosing a filter.

Modern engines work to finer tolerances than older vehicles. As a result, it is increasingly important to ensure that engine components are well protected from contaminants. Choosing quality filters that are subjected to stringent development and testing standards help motorists ensure the longevity of their vehicle’s service lifespan.

Should I Worry About the Quality of Filters?

Whilst many motorists are inclined to make purchasing decisions based on lower prices, it is important to advise them to strongly consider the quality of the product too. Choosing low quality and short-term options may come at an expense as they lead to even more costly problems in the long run. For instance, an injection system replacement as a result of contamination damage will cost considerably more than investing in a high quality fuel filter from the outset.

Bosch Comparison Table
Bosch Comparison Table

How do Bosch Ensure the Quality of their Filtration Range?

Bosch goes to great lengths to ensure the quality of their filtration range. In order to make it to the aftermarket, Bosch filters have to undergo five key steps:


When developing a new filter for the range, the Bosch engineering team adheres to a stringent set of procedures that are precisely defined by milestones.


Bosch sources only high-quality materials for the manufacturing process that follows exacting quality checks to ensure the consistency of quality synonymous to Bosch filters.


Only filters that pass the development and production standards are put forward to final technical tests that determines its suitability for market release.


Bosch filters are subject to a random-sample test before being released to the market.

Field Observation

In order to continue improving the quality and innovation of their filtration range, Bosch maintains a keen eye for feedback from the field in order to optimise the production processes.


Through these steps, Bosch not only develops quality products that invoke customer confidence, but they continually develop their unique resource of technical knowledge.

About the Bosch Filtration Range

Available from FPS, Bosch filters are designed and manufactured to meet and exceed OE specifications. With more than 2,200 part numbers in range, Bosch filters are 100% BER compliant.

Bosch Fuel Filters

Protecting the injection system from minerals (sand), rust, metal particles, fibres and small plastic particles, quality fuel filters reliably separate particles and water from fuel. The microporous, multi-layer filter medium ensures a high particle separation rate, and reliable water separation. With a large filter surface area, Bosch filters have a higher capacity for particle retention. Finally, the cellulose layer is impregnated with a special resin for moisture resistance and tensile strength.

Bosch Fuel Filters

Bosch Air Filters

Air filters protect the engine against dirt particles within the intake air. Apart from safeguarding the air supply for optimised mixture preparation, air filters also play an integral role in the flawless operation of the air mass meter. Air filters should always be replaced and never cleaned because impurities enclosed within the old filter medium can cause loss of engine power and damage. Bosch filters have high dust collection capabilities through accurately engineered pleat pockets.

Bosch Air Filters

Bosch Oil Filters

Oil filters protect the engine against impurities that are commonly found in oil such as dust, metal particles, combustion residues or soot. Using engine oil specified by the vehicle manufacturer alongside quality oil filters help prevent premature engine wear and oil ageing. Bosch ensures that all appropriate features are fitted to their oil filters (e.g. bypass valve, anti-drain mechanism) and regularly replicate OE top fixing shape.

Bosch Oil Filters

Bosch Cabin & Cabin+ Filters

Cabin filters protect the driver and passengers against pollen, dust and pollutants. A quality cabin filter that is regularly replaced every 9,000 miles helps to reduce the occurrence of misted windows, concentration of pollutants within the vehicle and maintain the longevity of the air-conditioning system.

Bosch Cabin & Cabin+ Filters

With the increased awareness in fine dust and allergens in the air, health conscious motorists are looking to invest in better cabin filters. Bosch Filter+ presents an excellent upsell opportunity by integrating an anti-allergy layer that is impregnated with silver ions to render allergens harmless and eliminate airborne bacteria. There are currently more than 35 references that feature the Bosch Filter+ technology.

Bringing Quality Closer to You

FPS has joined forces with Bosch to swiftly deliver quality parts to the aftermarket through its network of branches. This nationwide coverage means that factors will have access to a comprehensive range of Bosch products, via same/next-day delivery.

  • Engine management and sensors
  • Rotating electrics
  • Fuel line
  • Body and comfort electrics
  • Engine cooling and climate control
  • Wiper technology
  • Ignition
  • Braking
  • Steering
  • Lighting

Catalogued on the F:Drive and MAM Autocat, all Bosch parts come with a 1-year warranty* from date of installation. (*Rotating parts are covered by a 2-year warranty)

For more information about the Bosch portfolio from FPS, please speak with your local FPS representative today.