Pump Up Your Sales With Cambiare

Cambiare extend their offering with new-to-range parts.

With the increasing demands on fuel efficiency and fuel economy, the fuel system has seen dramatic changes over the last 30 years. Modern engines have turned away from mechanical pumps in favour of electrical in order to increase power and to meet the stringent regulations on emissions.

Cambiare’s fuel line products were launched in 2013, with more than190 part numbers covering more than 2,500 applications that were focussed more towards mid-to-older aged vehicles. With the range extension of 60 parts numbers which are due later this month, the programme will not only be increased by 33% but also cater to more modern vehicles, those that have already entered service life and those soon approaching.

Cambiare offers high-quality fuel pumps and sender units at lower prices. This strategic shift towards more modern applications to reflect market demand, will help Cambiare further strengthen its position in an evolving market place.


With the new-to-range additions, Cambiare’s vast range of fuel pumps will cover approximately 1.6 million applications.

Top applications include:

  • Vauxhall Insignia 2.0 (07/08>)
  • BMW 520d 2.0 (03/10>)
  • Renault Clio 1.2 (06/05>)

With fuel systems becoming more modular, there is an increasingly large number of components within one single unit. Therefore, it is crucial that all of these parts work at a high performance level so that the combustion process and engine management system as a whole work optimally from the first installation.

Cambiare’s range of fuel pumps, sender units and swirl pots include the following fittings where required:

  • strainers
  • gaskets
  • washers
  • plug and connecting wires
  • sleeves
  • connecting rubber hoses
  • hose clamps


Fuel pumps are a non-serviceable item. As long as they are not leaking, they won’t be checked for wear-and-tear or any other damage. If a faulty fuel pump goes undetected, there can be negative consequences for the fuel system and the running of the vehicle.

Faulty fuel pumps can cause:

  • loss of engine power at high speeds or under heavy loads
  • loud noise emitted from the pump
  • ignition problems and failure to start

Causes for failure can be down to fuel tank contamination, a blocked fuel filter or a torn/degraded diaphragm.

Electrical fuel pumps suffer if the fuel level runs too low as the pump has to work harder to maintain the high pressure that modern injection systems require. Fuel is also needed to cool and lubricate the system and the wear rate can significantly increase when there is not enough fuel available.

Electrical pumps must be checked for rust on the connectors as this will affect the signal reaching the pump. Care must be taken to make sure all hoses and pumps are reconnected before turning on the ignition. A damaged fuse will also mean fuel pumps fail to operate.


Cambiare’s fuel pumps restore original system pressure and engine power, whilst providing smoother running and improved start-up. Customers can be confident that they are choosing the right solution by selecting Cambiare fuel line products.

Cambiare customers benefit from a 2 year/ 30,000 mile warranty, an online catalogue with comprehensive options and competitor cross-references, as well as a dedicated technical support hotline on 0845 543 8280* promotional/ technical materials via www.cambiare-ve.com and same-day, next-day delivery from FPS.

*Calls to 0845 numbers cost 3 pence per minute, plus your telephone company’s access charge.



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