Unigloves PRO.TECT Orange HD

Especially designed for garage use, the PRO.TECT Orange HD range of disposable gloves are more durable than standard single use gloves.

Unigloves PRO.TECT Orange HD gloves are powder-free nitrile disposable gloves with good resistance to solvents, oil, grease and hydrocarbons, and are available in a range of sizes. This makes the range of gloves suitable for automotive garages as they protect against paint, oils, grease and other automotive fluids that are encountered in automotive manufacturing, as well as aftermarket care and repair.


Fabricated from 100% synthetic polymer, Nitrile gloves are strong and reliable alternatives for technicians when latex allergies are a concern. The nature of the synthetic polymer ensures that the gloves are chemical resistant. As a result, they are ideal to use for jobs that involve brake fluid, diesel, oil, and some acids. As these gloves are silicone free, they are ideal for refinishing and bonding applications too.


PRO.TECT Orange HD gloves have a heavyweight construction, with superior puncture resistance making them extremely durable in comparison to latex and vinyl alternatives.

Dexterity and grip are not compromised despite the robust construction. The range offers full palm and finger raised grip pattern on both sides. This creates a secure grip whilst working in wet or oily conditions.


PRO.TECT Orange HD gloves are manufactured to meet AQL 1.5 standards even though the general standard set for gloves suited for the automotive industry is AQL 4.0.

Simply put, AQL is a measure to determine the number of potential defects per 100 gloves. AQL 4.0 means that 4 gloves out of every 100 gloves manufactured may have a defect. By this definition, PRO.TECT Orange HD gloves far exceed the quality standards expected of automotive gloves with their rating of AQL 1.5.


PRO.TECT Orange HD gloves are part of the Unigloves range that is available from FPS via the F:Drive. The extensive Unigloves range also includes vinyl and latex gloves to provide customers a choice to suit their needs. As no single glove provides the perfect solution for all applications, please speak to your local FPS representative for more information.

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