Gates Micro-V Kit

Gates Micro-V® Kits are cheaper than you think!

Don’t miss out with a price reduction on Gates Micro-V® Kits!

FPS and Gates are pleased to announce a recent list price reduction across the range of Gates Micro-V® Kits. This price reduction applies to 101 references, equating to a 6.9% weighted price reduction across the entire Micro-V® Kit range.

Gates Micro-V® Kits

With the most extensive range in the market, Gates Micro-V®  kits provide the perfect solution to guarantee a reliable and complete accessory belt drive system replacement. Kits include a multi-rubbed belt, idler, tensioner, torsional vibration damper (TVD) and overrunning alternator pulley (OAP), all of which are guaranteed OE quality. To find out more about the references available click here.

Why buy a complete kit?

In addition to the recent list price reduction, did you know that buying a Gates Micro-V Kit from FPS is actually cheaper than buying the individual components included in the kit? Not only does this benefit motor factors and garages alike, but there are also many other advantages of buying a kit over individual components:

> Everything you need for a complete ABDS overhaul can be found in one box:

    Multi-ribbed belt(s), tensioner, idler, TVD and/or OAP

> Ordering, handling and sales made easier with only one part number to use

> All parts are OE quality and engineered to work perfectly together, maximising component lifetime when all wear parts are changed simultaneously

> Replacing all wear parts increases the components lifespan, eliminating the chances of associated failures, thus reducing potential labour costs

> Should the part be involved in a warranty issue, one part number means one claim from a single supplier, making the process quick and easy with no need for multiple investigations

> Free marketing support and merchandise is available for stockists – helping factors to promote Gates Micro-V® Kits at garage level


And if that’s not enough…

A 5% price reduction has also been implemented across 25 popular PowerGrip® Kits.

All reduced prices are live so make sure you don’t miss out. Speak to your local FPS Representative for further information.


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