Cash In The Pothole

Pothole damage to suspension systems is on the rise

Spending cuts, budget shortfalls, and a huge backlog of potholes still waiting to be repaired means the problem will only get worse. Consequently, the future of the coil spring market looks positive.

Potholes, the scourge of drivers everywhere.  Britain’s roads are once again blighted by fresh potholes following the snowfall and freezing temperatures which welcomed 2013. Suspension systems, including coil springs, are especially vulnerable to pothole damage, and up to a third of all reported mechanical problems are due to suspension issues.

It is estimated that clearing the current road maintenance backlog would take 12 years and cost £140 million. Councils already repair over 2 million potholes each year, so the fact that such a large backlog exists demonstrates the scale of the problem. The Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA) reports that one in five roads in England and Wales are considered to be in a poor condition, while 94% of English authorities believe they will have to make cuts to their highway maintenance services.

The sheer number of potholes means that coil springs are under attack – year round – from the road below. Add to this the effects of cold weather – grit salt forms an abrasive paste when mixed with water, grinding the protective paint off the spring and leading to corrosion – and the result is not just pothole damage, but multiple factors that mean coil springs break more frequently.

Because the cost of replacing a spring is often more than the spring itself (even with Kilen quality) there is an incentive for garages to fit quality, durable aftermarket springs as opposed to cheap budget brands: Especially when one considers that liability for spring replacements caused by pothole damage often sits with the local authority rather than the motorist.

Kilen springs, produced in Sweden, are designed to withstand the harshest conditions of a Scandinavian winter. Each Kilen spring is made from the highest-quality, specialist spring-steel and protected from corrosion by the galvanic protection method of zinc phosphating, before being powder-coated with epoxy resin to provide additional protection.

All Kilen springs are classified as parts of matching OE quality, allowing fitment without warranty restrictions. Guaranteed high quality from the spring specialists. FPS provides national next-day delivery of the entire Kilen range, with many popular parts available same-day.

2013 Kilen Springs Catalogue

No matter the conditions, the spring you need is never far away! Make sure you’re ready for the post-winter rush by keeping your Kilen coil spring range up to date.


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