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Portwest Talks Hi-Vis Workwear

How confident are you that your high visibility workwear meets all regulations? Portwest shares some of the most common issues they come across with hi-vis apparel.

EN standard ISO 20471 is an international standard on workwear in high-risk areas to keep employees safe and visible from all angles. Under the newest Personal Protective Equipment Regulation, it is the legal obligation of the distributor to ensure that all PPE supplied is fully compliant. Make sure your hi-vis doesn’t slip on the following requirements and be aware of the most common ways in which PPE can fall short:

The fluorescent material does not meet the correct colour standard.

Portwest tests every roll of fabric with a spectrophotometer which measures the chromaticity (colour intensity) of the fabric to ensure it meets and exceeds the EN ISO 20471 standard requirements for colour.

Retro-reflective tape does not meet the minimum requirement of (330 cd/lux.m2).

Retro-reflection differs from regular reflection in the way light bounces off the surface; a retroreflectometer is used to measure the angles. EN ISO 20471 states the reading should not be below 330 (cd/lx.m2). However, Portwest maintains a stringent standard with a reading of at least 400 (cd/lx.m2) and tests every roll of hi-vis tape.

The garment is too small and does not have enough fluorescent material or reflective tape.

All Portwest hi-vis products are generously sized and designed with the EN ISO 20471 standard requirements in mind to ensure they are fully compliant.

The garment does not have the correct information displayed.

Portwest garment labels have all the correct information displayed to meet both EN ISO 20471 and ISO 13688 standard requirements. A user information document is also supplied with all garments which features a notified body number to enable the customer to contact the independent notified body directly. In addition, all garments have downloadable certificates online on Portwest’s B2B portals.

Quality from FPS

Portwest is proud of their quality control procedures and have over 176 styles certified to EN ISO 20471. The Portwest range is available on the F:Drive for same/ next-day delivery. For more information on the range or PPE standards, please speak to your local FPS representative.

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