POR-15 Rust Prevention

Rust prevention is crucial this time of year, especially after such a long, wet winter.

Owners of classic cars know the enormous challenge of rust prevention. With around 68% of historic vehicles valued at less than £10k, they are increasingly accessible to the general public. With an average hobbyist spending around £2,900 each year, this sector is becoming more attractive for motor factors and retailers to invest in. Rust prevention however, is not just a problem for classic car owners. Despite advances, all cars are affected by this epidemic and prevention unites all vehicle owners in the same quest. After the wettest winter on record, FPS thought it timely to explore the leading rust preventative solutions from the manufacturer POR-15, who has been a market leader in the war against rust, since 1978.

The Fight Against Rust
Rust occurs when moist air comes into contact with metal. Moisture softens ordinary paints over time and when corroded, rust begins to form underneath. Quickly and aggressively rust takes hold of surface steel. POR-15 developed a reliable moisture-cured coating to combat corrosion, to keep air and moisture from reaching base metal.

The Coating
The coating is a unique anhydrous product, made totally without water, and has the reverse chemistry of ordinary paints. POR-15 is actually strengthened by exposure to moisture and dries to form a rock hard, non-porous coating that will survive any hammer or scratch test. The unique coating is further enhanced by its flexibility, meaning metal can expand and contract without ever adversely affecting the performance of the coating. Whether used on a NASA satellite dish, or a fleet of military vehicles, POR-15 will not let the user down. Scientists produced a three* step process, which when followed correctly, stops rust in its tracks and ensures it does not return.


*For 99% of projects the 3 step process will provide the ultimate protective barrier. However, should the vehicle be subjected to prolonged UV exposure, there is a range of topcoats suitable for a final layer of protection.

Complementary products from POR-15, such as fillers, engine enamels and fuel tank sealers are also available from FPS.

For more information on rust prevention coatings from POR-15, speak to your local FPS Representative today.


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