Polco Vehicle Covers

Polco’s portfolio of vehicle covers provides customers with a variety of choices to suit their needs.

Polco offers a diverse range of vehicle covers, providing users with a variety of features to choose from.

Covers for various vehicles

Available in various sizes, Polco vehicle covers come with front and rear elasticated hems* for a quick and secure fit.

(*excluding car top covers)

Vehicle cover types available from Polco:

  • Water resistant car top cover
  • Water resistant 4×4 and MPV cover
  • Water resistant car cover
  • Water resistant motorcycle cover
  • Water resistant scooter cover (universal size)
  • Fully waterproof car cover

For added protection from overnight frost, Polco also has an anti-frost windscreen cover in the range.

Know the difference – waterproof vs. water resistant

Polco waterproof covers feature a multi-layer construction made of PVC, waterproof membrane and a cotton lining. The cotton lining is added to help prevent the cover from damaging the bodywork of most vehicles*.

(*not suitable for mohair soft-tops or classic/vintage vehicles)

Waterproof covers are ideal for use on vehicles for an extended period of time. The integrated straps allow a more secure fit for vehicle storage, while the air vent prevents the build-up of condensation.

Whilst water resistant covers are not designed to hold standing water, the durable polyester material still provides superior protection against weather, dust, tree sap and bird droppings.

Part of a bigger range

Polco has a strong track record of offering quality car accessories at competitive prices. Polco products are presented in vibrant packaging that offers excellent shelf presence to deliver credible sales opportunities to retailers and resellers.

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