PMA Maintenance

PMA Maintenance Aerosols

Increase sales opportunities with PMA Maintenance aerosols that includes PMA Air-Con Sanitiser.

Often neglected over the winter months, air-conditioning systems become more and more important as the summer days grow longer and hotter. PMA Air-Con Sanitiser (ACON) is formulated to kill a broad range of bacteria, fungi and yeasts, sanitising the air-conditioning system throughout. Easy to use, it also leaves a long-lasting, fresh aroma that keeps the car smelling clean and pleasant.

Air-Con Sanitiser is just one of the products available as part of the PMA Maintenance range of maintenance aerosols. The portfolio of 13 precisely engineered products, including Brake Cleaner (BRCL) and Carb Cleaner (CARBC), is designed to help clean and restore vehicle parts, ensuring proper upkeep of vehicles. Offering optimum results every time, along with user-friendly packaging, the range enables factors and resellers to maximise sales opportunities.

Features and benefits:

  • For professional and DIY use
  • Visual illustrations for easier identification and to aid purchase
  • Informative user directions provide optimum product use
  • Comprehensive merchandising opportunities and on-shelf presence
  • Brand exclusivity through FPS gives a genuine selling opportunity

Quantity breaks are available on the products mentioned. Search for ‘PMA Maintenance’ within the Maintenance and Accessories section of the F:Drive or speak to your local FPS representative for details.