Plug-in and Warm-up This Winter

FPS has teamed up with Status International to supply a comprehensive range of electrical accessories and heaters.

Status International

The market for electrical accessories is huge in the UK and forecasts indicate an annual increase of 4-5% in revenue to a projected £1.6bn by 2016. The market is flooded with low-priced and often inferior quality goods, so it is necessary to understand that quality and compliance are paramount to safety, while ensuring the longevity of the goods themselves.

Status International, with a strong foundation laid in the UK for more than 20 years, believes in a clear philosophy of providing goods of the highest specification and standards. FPS has worked closely with Status to provide a selection of the key best-selling lines across a number of categories, such as heaters, trailing sockets and cable reels, among others.


Status offers a concise range of heating lines through FPS to keep you as warm as toast. The heaters are portable and easy to manoeuvre with built-in carry handles. They offer instant heat and are especially useful in open plan workspaces where localised heating could be the only feasible solution. The heaters also provide overheat protection and/or a tip over switch, ensuring safety in all situations.

Some of the popular models in the range are:

Part No. Description Output Heat settings Features
HH-1200W1PKB Halogen Heater 1200W 400/800/1200W Oscillating function
QH-800W1PKB Quartz Heater 800W 400/800W Fold-out stand
FH2P-2000W1PKB Dual Position
Fan Heater
2000W 1000/2000W Fan-only setting for cold air
Adjustable thermostat
CERH-OS1500W1PKB Ceramic Heater 1500W 750/1500W Fan-only setting for cold air
Oscillating function
Adjustable thermostat

All heaters conform to BSEN60335-1/BSEN60335-2-30; BSEN62233; EMC Directive 2004/108/EC; LVD Directive 2006/95/EC and RoHS Directive 2011/65/EC

Trailing Sockets

The ever-increasing numbers of gadgets and appliances place a demand on the number of sockets to run them at home or in the workplace. Often structural aspects pose a serious deterrent to adding more sockets to a space, not to mention the costs involved. Status’ core offering of a wide range of trailing sockets means additional plug sockets without worrying about electrical alterations.

Highlights include:

Part No. Specification Cable Length
4WSSP2MCP20 13A; 4-way 2m
4WS5M20 13A; 4-way 5m
1WS5MCP10 13A; 4-way 5m

Part no. 4WSSP2MCP10 caters for computers and delicate electrical items and is a surge protected, 4-way, 2m long cabled trailing socket.

Cable Reels

The range is designed to enable electrical access in hard to reach spaces, where a wall socket does not exist. The range includes 2-way and 4-way reels with current ratings of 10-13A.

Popular models in range are:

Part No. Specification Cable Length
 S10A10MCR10 10A; 2-way 10m
 S15M13ACR4 13A; 4-way 15m
 S25M13ACR2 13A; 4-way 25m
 S50M13ACRX1 13A; 4-way 50m
 S13A10MTHF4 13A; Heavy duty; 1-way 10m

All cable reels (except the Outdoor unit) have an in-built thermal cut-out to prevent overheating if the cable reel has been accidentally overloaded.

Quality & Testing

Status carries out numerous tests at its manufacturing units to adhere to relevant British Standards. All units operate under ISO:9001, and must additionally conform to EU directives, factory ethical audits and RoHS product compliance. Every consignment is tested in Status’ in-house laboratory alongside sending them to independent testing houses in the UK to ensure safety and conformity

All Status International UK Ltd. products are available through FPS on same/next-day delivery. For more information, please contact your local FPS representative.


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