NDC Warehouse - Order Fulfillment

We Deliver. Order Fulfilment Solutions

Case Study: One of our international customers required an order fulfilment solution allowing them to stock and deliver products from our warehouse, to fulfil orders placed by their customers in the UK and overseas.

We work with different suppliers and distributors, specifically providing the function of order fulfilment, across the UK and Europe. Outsourcing the order fulfilment function, frees up time and resources to allow organisations to concentrate on more important aspects of the business such as product development, sales growth and market penetration.

Fast Order Turnaround

We service customer’s orders from the moment they are placed right up to tracked courier delivery of the products to the sale destination. With real-time stock reservation and the latest in pick technologies, we ensure high accuracy and extremely fast order turnaround.

Our professional service ensures the highest levels of customer satisfaction throughout the journey from product enquiry to front door.

Placing Orders

Orders are placed by the customer through a web based Open Order Portal. Our customers can place these orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through a fully integrated web-based Open Order Portal that merges seamlessly with their own business systems.

We then download the orders and convert them into Purchase Orders using specifically tailored internal systems.

The Open Order Reports are then updated with a shipping date and news of any delays or shortages concerning the orders, keeping all parties up to date and in the loop.

Processing Orders

The customer’s orders are then processed at our purpose built warehouse and distribution centre, before being sent to the carrier area. Here they are correctly packed, weighed and administrated, adhering to Open Order Report instructions.

Courier Service

Courier deliveries are then arranged using specific Intraship web based tools that we use to work in partnership with various international shipping agencies.

The appropriate labels are then printed and made ready using information provided by the courier. The Open Order Reports are updated with a tracking number if a courier providing this service is used, once again ensuring smooth communication to all parties.

Depending on the courier used, these orders can clear 15 minutes after the labels are printed.

We have the bespoke IT Systems in place, which combine with our established supply network and purpose built distribution centre to provide the perfect link, delivering products to market.

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