Old Core Recovery, Do You Know the Importance?

To increase efficiency and improve the success of CR Diesel, old core recovery needs to happen as soon as possible.

The success of CR Diesel’s remanufacturing programme, lies in old core recovery. To lower the surcharge added to new core purchasing, a vehicle’s old core can be handed in for remanufacturing by accredited companies.

Removing fuel injectors without damage is a careful process and dedicated injector removal tools are available, which also presents a great up-sell opportunity each time a fuel injector is purchased. To help you assess whether a part is suitable or not for return, CR Diesel has produced a ‘Core Acceptance Guide Poster’ which can be requested through your FPS Representative.

To improve efficiency, availability and competitively priced programmes, it is essential that old core is returned as swiftly as possible. Remanufacting old core rather than disposal, avoids expenses and lowers buying price, as the remanufacturing process of used goods regenerates life-cycle. Unlike repair, remanufacturing recreates the product to sell on which expands product range at lower prices.

From 1st November, CR Diesel asked that all core is returned and receipted to FPS within 90 days of purchasing the corresponding unit.*

If you have any queries about the new process for old core recovery, please contact your local FPS Representative.


*Please note, from this date, any old core received after the 90 day period will not be eligible for the surcharge reimbursement and will be rejected at FPS branches.



If you have an account with FPS and would like more information on this article please get in touch with your local warehouse or Territory Manager, alternatively use our enquiry form.