NRF EGR Coolers

NRF Explains EGR Coolers

NRF explains the role the EGR cooler plays in reducing emissions.

The European Emission Standard continually tightens the CO2 (carbon dioxide) and NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions from petrol and diesel vehicles. Diesel cars produce more NOx than petrol cars, due to the higher combustion temperature in the diesel engine.

EGR System

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system is designed to reduce NOx emissions by recirculating the exhaust gas back into the engine. As the exhaust gas is mixed with the incoming air, the oxygen level (and therefore the lambda value) of the combustion mixture will decrease. This reduces the combustion temperature and thereby NOx emissions (by up to 30%) because NOx is mainly produced at high combustion temperatures.

EGR cooling

With the new EURO 6 regulations, NOx reduction is becoming even more important. For a more effective reduction of NOx, the recirculated exhaust gas can be passed through an EGR cooler. As a result, the combustion temperature will be reduced further and a larger amount of exhaust gas can be recirculated.

The temperature of the exhaust gas is about 300°C in a partial load (at a constant speed on the highway). At full load, the temperature can reach 700°C. However, the engine performs better with colder air supplied to the inlet since cold air contains more oxygen.

The EGR cooler operates as a heat exchanger. Through the EGR cooler, coolant flows in fixed channels and absorbs the heat from the exhaust gas, which reduces the exhaust gas temperature by up to 100°C.

Important: Reset the ECU
In most modern engines, a faulty or disabled EGR system will cause the computer to display a check engine light and the vehicle to fail an emissions test. The check light can be remedied by ECU remapping.

NRF aftermarket EGR coolers

NRF successfully introduced EGR cooling to their product range three years ago as an alternative, and more cost-efficient, solution to OE coolers. NRF only offer brand-new parts and guarantees their high quality with a 2-year warranty. Their range consists of 100 EGR modules (which include the valve), EGR coolers and EGR heat exchangers (without housing), which are available from FPS for same/ next-day delivery. Top movers are ‘Easy Fit’, meaning new gaskets are included to ensure a quick and safe assembly of the product.

Top Applications include:
• 48213B – EGR Cooler for Volkswagen Golf 1.6D (2008-12)
• 48215A – EGR Cooler for Volkswagen Polo 1.2D (2009-14)
• 48350C – EGR Cooler for Ford Transit 2.2 TDCi (2006-14)

NRF produces a large range of over 8,000 engine cooling and air conditioning products, including EGR coolers for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, trucks and buses. Order on the F:Drive, or speak to your local FPS representative for more details.

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