Nissens Air Conditioning

Nissens Air Conditioning Range Updates

Nissens shares some points about AC components and their latest range updates to keep customers cool over the warmer months.

With hotter days soon approaching, attention on automotive air conditioning (AC) systems will be gaining traction once again. Nissens air conditioning components now cover over 1,900 references across compressors, condensers, dryers, evaporators and blower motors.

Quality Through Design

Designed, manufactured and tested according to match OE quality, Nissens goes to extensive lengths to ensure that their components maintain extended durability. To serve the aftermarket better, Nissens harnesses their wealth of experience and expertise to continue developing quality components that are easy to install.

Protected Quality from the Start

When Nissens introduced corrosion protection, it was well received by the aftermarket as it improved the general service lifespan of the condenser and connected AC components.

The condenser is particularly susceptible to corrosion that impacts the integrity of its construction. Corroded or missing fins significantly reduce the performance of the condenser which will compromise the reliability of the general air conditioning system. When the condenser is faulty, it can lead to an excessive overload of the compressor, causing it to overheat and seize up.

Currently, more than 600 references covering over 85% of Nissens condenser sales feature protection coating for extended durability. With the correct O-rings in the product box (First Fit), perfect finish and product fit in accordance to OE requirements; Nissens condensers are manufactured for smooth and convenient installation.

Maintaining Optimum Performance

The air conditioning system should be used year-round and serviced once every two years with an oil change and a new receiver dryer to maintain optimum performance (More than 580 Nissens condensers now come with integrated dryers). This provides an upsell opportunity to motor factors as garages will not need to purchase two separate items for the job.

The First Fit concept also ensures that all compressors in range are equipped with O-rings and pre-filled with PAG Oil. However, it is important for installers to always check the oil level before fitting the unit to ensure proper lubrication and avoid the pistons and other moving parts from seizing.

Did You Know?

A growing range of Nissens products come with ‘First Fit’ features. This means that they come with auxiliary items that an installer would need to fit the part easily and correctly.

To help ensure that technicians maintain best replacement practices, Nissens will also offer training on air conditioning servicing. More information is available on their website:

Nissens First Fit Illustration

Catering for Aftermarket Demands

Nissens continually develops its air conditioning range to meet the demands of the aftermarket. With more than 100 NTR references due for launch across the air conditioning programme this year, the range will soon cover over 4 million vehicles across the UK.

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