Ring bulbs

New Ring bulbs available now

Following up on its successful launch, Ring has introduced 2 Xenon 130% headlamp performance bulbs and 17 new premium and performance LED bulbs.

Xenon 130% Performance bulbs are used to upgrade a vehicle’s lighting for performance, styling or safety and are directly interchangeable with standard headlight bulbs.

Part numbers RW3372 (H4) & RW3377 (H7) are both available as twin pack only.

Xenon Headlamp Features & Benefits

• Up to 130% more light on the road
• Shorter, more tightly wound filament produces a brighter, whiter light output
• 100% xenon gas within the bulb envelope
• Closest to daylight
• Safer, easier night driving with better reflections from road markings and signs

Premium & Performance Bulb Features & Benefits

• All twin blister packaged
• Includes bulbs that produce a cool white light up to 7000k & Ice white look up to 7000k
• 3D technology LED bulbs
• Long life LEDs and LEDs with the latest CANbus technology
• Illuminates quicker than standard bulbs
• Improved warranty period
• Ideal for improving the look of a vehicle

***All LED bulbs are suitable for off road use only***

The NTR parts are catalogued within the M&A section of the F:Drive.

All of these are now in stock and available from FPS. For more information speak to your local FPS representative or visit the Ring website www.ringautomotive.co.uk.