Trucklite - LED headlamp replacements

New Retro-Fit LED Headlamps

LED headlamps

With the launch of its 27 Series, Truck-Lite will be:

The first European-based manufacturer to offer full LED headlamp replacements.

Manufactured in the USA, Truck-lite’s LED headlamps were picked up by the US military and were soon installed into the majority of their vehicles. Popularity soared and now Truck-lite’s headlamps are often used as factory standard around the world.

Why LED?

The light emitted is closer to daylight than incandescent lamps and more visible (although not brighter). Truck-lite’s LED headlamps aim to reduce drivers’ fatigue and improve target detection; fully enhancing conditions for night-time drivers.

Designed in a 7” round shape, the product can be retro-fitted into a multitude of applications. With high beam, low beam and position lamp function, the LED headlamps can be mounted on anything from tractors and airport tugs, to Land Rover Defenders, Jeeps, material-handling vehicles and many more.

LED headlamp visibility ps

Extensive and rigorous testing and development of products, guarantees their performance in extreme situations. With favourable reviews from truck drivers on visibility and safety, Truck-Lite’s headlamps with their reduced amperage and thus increased life-cycle, have been developed to really improve the consumer’s experience.

On the Truck-Lite company website, Brian Kupchella, the Company President, states: “Our LED technology delivers lighting performance far and above the traditional halogen systems, adding increased visibility and safety.”

Brad Van Riper, the Chief Technology Officer adds , “Having access to the best technology is extremely important to driver and public safety. Our beam pattern and pure white color really enhances the visibility. We are proud to have Freightliner offer the worlds first commercial vehicle LED headlamps as standard.”

Use part no. TL/27291C to order today.

For more information on Truck-Lite’s LED headlamps, please contact your local FPS Representative.