Electric Life Window Regulators

Electric-Life Window Regulators

In response to customer feedback, Electric-Life has developed solutions to simplify the selection and ordering process for window regulators.

Historically, some customers would order multiple parts if they were unsure of which part to choose. The customer would then return the incorrect parts following an open-box inspection. Old Electric-Life packaging often returned damaged as customers found it difficult to re-pack the contents properly, especially with Window Regulators.

The new “pizza box” styled packaging allows box contents to be reviewed at a glance, in order to ensure that it is the correct part without causing any damage to the box and how the product was originally packed. This new packaging also reduces the chance of damage to a new part.

In addition, the cataloguing of Electric-Life window regulators on the F:Drive and MAM Autocat has improved. Part notes have been updated to include details of part features, the comfort function and how many wires the motor has. This should improve part identification and reduce the occurrence of unnecessary returns.

For more information, please speak with your local FPS representative.