New Jelly Belly Gel Can Air Fresheners

A new range of Gel Can air fresheners has been launched by Jelly Belly to complement their existing portfolio of air freshener formats and fragrances.

The Jelly Belly Gel Can air fresheners are available in four exciting authentic fragrances:

  • Very Cherry
  • Blueberry
  • Tutti-Fruitti
  • Lemon Drop

The product offers an alternative, discreet fragrance solution to consumers who may not want a hanging or vent mounted format. The new Gel Can air fresheners possess the sleek, colourful design properties complementary to the rest of the range, along with the fantastic Jelly Belly fragrances.

Key Features

The Gel Can offers a practical way to add continuous fragrance to vehicles and other small spaces.

  • Non-liquid and therefore there are no spill worries
  • ‘Bean shaped’ vented lid with twist action
  • Precise control over desired fragrance release
  • Lasts up to 30 days
  • Fits perfectly into cup holders
  • Pot can be re-used as a container, once fragrance is depleted

There are only a few choices of fragranced can air fresheners currently available in the market, offering generic fragrance and generic product design. The Gel Can range is competitively priced against other products available in this category.

The Jelly Belly range currently encompasses:-

  • 13 x 3D Gel Air Fresheners
  • 6 x 2D Air Fresheners
  • 9 x Vent Air Fresheners
  • 4 x Pump Spray Air Fresheners

The latest addition to the Jelly Belly portfolio is the launch of the new Jelly Belly Gel Cans. These can be popped into the cars cup holders, door compartments or used in any small space at home or in the office.


All of the new and existing formats and fragrances of Jelly Belly are available from FPS on next-day delivery and catalogued in the Maintenance & Accessories section of the F:Drive. Please contact your local FPS representative for more information.