New Granville LDS Fluid

FPS has recently launched Granville LDS Fluid as part of the Granville oils and lubricants range.

Granville has existed for over 50 years, originally known for winter products, such as anti-freeze and screenwash. Granville manufactures both lubricants and a full range of automotive and specialised coatings for distribution all over the world.

Granville LDS Fluid: 1Ltr (part no. 2593A) is an orange coloured, synthetic hydraulic fluid, specially designed for use in Citroën cars equipped with HYDRActive 3 suspension. Offering superior lubricating properties, the LDS Fluid can also be used in certain Peugeot and Citroën power steering systems.


  • Offers excellent wear protection and corrosion control
  • Meets manufacturers’ specification PSA S712710

Not widely available in the aftermarket previously, the addition of Granville LDS Fluid to the FPS portfolio represents a fantastic opportunity. This is great for customers looking to move away from dealership prescribed vehicle solutions, towards a more affordable aftercare.

The product is available from all FPS branches and can be ordered via the F:Drive from the Maintenance & Accessories section.