New Formulas from Rain-X

Rain-X Rain Repellent and Rain-X Anti-Fog have been added to the CCA offering, providing improved driving visibility by repelling rain, sleet, snow and fog.

New formulas from Rain-X have improved wet weather visibility for safer driving. Already well-known for high performance and high quality these new formulas from Rain-X are already recieving rave reviews from experts in the motor industry.

The Rain Repellent and Anti-Fog solutions have been added to the Car Care and Accessories offering. Both products provide improved driving visibility by forming an invisible barrier on the exterior or interior of the windscreen, repelling rain, sleet, snow and fog.

Rain-X Rain Repellent creates an invisible hydrophobic coating to help repel liquid from the car windscreen and eliminate fogging in the interior, letting you and your passengers feel more secure in wet weather conditions. There’s nothing worse than not being able to see on those lovely days of torrential rain but thanks to Rain-X Rain Repellent you can feel more in control, as rain slides off by itself.

By penetrating and sealing the windscreen’s microscopic pores with a “super-slick” invisible barrier, rain drops are encouraged to roll off the screen before you’ve even clicked your wiperblades on. The special hydrophobic formula has been revamped with added compounds to extend durability on the screen and increase performance. Working with the natural airflow of the car, Rain-X’s solutions are engineered for maximum performance.

Over twenty years, millions of bottles have been sold around the world, positioning Rain-X Rain Repellent as one of the top solutions to windscreen visibility in fog, drizzle, sleet, snow and of course, heavy rain.



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