New entries from Federal-Mogul

The latest advances in gasket technology come from Payen alongside a brand new AE Camshaft, Kits and Components Catalogue (CATAE1501).

Federal-Mogul continues to introduce new parts to the aftermarket. The latest innovations from sub-brand Payen are the CoriusealTM and CoriusimTM gaskets.

Distinctive Colour

The distinctive green coloured Coriuseal multi-layered steel gasket has a PTFE coating that reduces gasket fretting and makes it easier to remove.  It also allows for a more reliable and longer lasting seal. Introduced alongside for fibre gaskets is Coriusim™, a SIM1™ impregnated gasket designed to minimise bore distortion and oil consumption while optimising piston performance. Its capacity to be readily cured means it creates an optimum seal on rough surfaces where other gaskets might not seal so effectively.

Alongside, the new AE Camshaft, Kits and Components catalogue (CATAE1501) covers nearly 15,000 different models, 4,000 engines and with 100+ new parts added, it has enhanced itself as a valuable workshop resource.


• More parts listed with more model and engine coverage and redesigned to be user-friendly.
• The New Parts List at the front enlists all the new parts in the current edition, further highlighted in blue in the application panels. The panels have been redesigned with improved product icons, to match other Engine Expertise catalogues.
• The application panels are arranged by model, then engine capacity. Parts can also be searched from the engine index.

Printed copies are available via the FPS branch network; to download a free PDF copy, simply click here and follow the links.