New Easyvision Wipers Range Provides 95% Market Coverage

New Champion® Easyvision compact conventional wiper blades and flat blades, with new simple and attractive packaging.

In November, wipers from Champion® Easyvision were updated in design. The revamped design, as seen here, will replace the old packaging and provide customers with a clear, simple and appealing choice of compact, conventional blades and flat blades. So keep a look-out for the new wiper designs over the coming weeks and months.

In addition to the revamp, two all-new flat blade designs have been introduced that allow the replacement of original-fit flat blades by using a multi-function ‘7-in-1’ connection system (Multi Clip). The Retro Clip system also allows flat-blades to replace conventional blades, meaning that the Easyvision range now covers 95% of the market with only 15 part numbers.

Wipers are fast moving products, especially in the winter months and the flat blade’s popularity will just keep on rising. Flat blades are now a prerequisite on the market with 93% of the top 25 selling models equipped with this windscreen technology. Flat blades provide more uniform contact with windscreens, with evenly distributed pressure along the length of the wiper. Improved aerodynamics, along with their sleek aesthetic, sets them apart. The rubber is flexible and durable and the special coating keeps noise at a minimum. The Variable Geometry Spoiler Technology™ (VGS) responds to changing wind force to maintain a constant wiping performance. Extensive engineering goes into the design process to achieve and exceed all necessary requirements.

With new eye-catching and appealing packaging, Champion® Easyvision wipers will be fast moving on and off the shelf.




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