Castrol Syntrans

Castrol Syntrans B 75W launched

Based on customer feedback, FPS has now added Castrol Syntrans B 75W to its existing range of gear oils.

Castrol Syntrans B 75W is a fully synthetic, manual gearbox oil, especially suitable for BMW vehicles. Meeting ZF TE-ML 11 specification and offering superior low temperature shift-ability, the technologically advanced formula is designed to boost vehicle reliability, ensuring a smooth driving experience every day.

Key Features

• Excellent gear and bearing protection critical for in-line transmission performance
• Exceptional cold flow properties giving smoother gear shift at low temperatures
• High shear stability giving a constant viscosity during oil life
• Excellent thermal and oxidative stability for transmission cleanliness and longer oil life and seal protection

Why Choose Castrol?

With over 100 years’ experience in developing transmission fluids, Castrol is the choice of many leading car manufacturers for factory-fill products and the extension of the Castrol Syntrans range continues to offer FPS customers the peace of mind that they are selecting the right oil for their vehicle.

Both Castrol Syntrans B 75W 20Ltr (part no. 154F9B) and the 1Ltr option (part no. 154F98) are available to order now from FPS. Simply log on to the Maintenance & Accessories section of the F:Drive and search for ‘Syntrans’ to place an order.