Boge aluminium shock absorbers

Boge add aluminium shock absorbers to their range

Boge have added new aluminium shock absorbers to their range to improve fuel efficiency, as vehicles have been getting heavier.

With larger vehicle bodies, offering better impact absorption and complex axle designs delivering more predictable and precise handling, modern vehicles are often subjected to a weight penalty. Recognising excess weight as a hindrance to fuel efficiency, Boge has been weight-optimising suspension components including their range o aluminium shock absorbers for several years. This is in effort to help conserve natural resources, lower fuel consumption and reduce emissions.

No longer exclusive to cutting-edge motorsport development, weight-saving aluminium housings are now available for a number of popular BMW applications such as the E60/61 5-Series and E65/66 7-Series, with a limited range for the E39 5-Series from Boge.

This development is becoming increasingly important with the rising popularity of hybrid and full electric vehicles, where lightweight construction can significantly extend driving range.

For more information on Boge, their range and details of individual fitments available, please speak to your local FPS representative.


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