New and improved Waxoyl High Pressure Sprayer

Following up on an extensive in-house study of its design and functionality, Waxoyl has now released a new and improved product to the aftermarket.

The new Waxoyl High Pressure Sprayer (part no. 6141711) offers a continual pressured spray with a release trigger for added control and does not bear the secondary cost of an extension probe, unlike previous models.


• New, improved spraying
• Simple, fast and effective coverage
• Pump action to gain desired pressure for application
• Includes upgraded extension hose and probe for those awkward to reach areas, box sections and door sills
• Adjustable nozzle has 2 spray settings which allow more freedom in application
• Easy grip handle on sprayer makes unit easy to carry during application
• 5 bar safety valve

Product Comparison

Function Old Sprayer New Sprayer
Product Release On/off release valve needs to be turned before trigger can function Simple single trigger allows rapid expelling of product when pressed and halts when released
Handling User needs to carry both probe and refillable pressure can Handle allows hassle-free carrying
Nozzle One setting Two settings give more control
Extension Probe Optional Extra Included in the kit
Application Lance design reduces flexibility during application Flexible extension hose design to make it easy to reach awkward areas

The product can be ordered from the Maintenance & Accessories section of the F:Drive and available from FPS on next-day delivery.