New Additions to the Comma Xstream® Range

Antifreeze specialist Comma has now introduced Xstream® GG40® with BASF Glysantin® for VW-group specific applications.

This new product extends the Comma brand portfolio of contemporary antifreezes to five manufacturer-approved products. Based on glycol and glycerine, the adapted Si-OAT (Silicated Organic Additive) technology of GG40® derives from a renewable and environmentally sustainable source as a by-product of biodiesel production.

With its status as a VW-Group specific product, Comma Xstream® GG40® is officially approved for all VW, Audi, SEAT, Skoda, Bentley, Bugatti and Lamborghini (TL 774-J) models (2012>); currently over 400,000 UK vehicles. GG40® complements Comma Xstream® G40® – which is already approved for all VW-Group models (2005>) and meets application requirements for other vehicle manufacturers, such as Mercedes Benz and Mitsubishi. Therefore, Comma’s application data will recommend both Xstream® GG40® and Xstream® G40® for VW-Group models (2012>).

New Comma Xstream® GG40® with BASF Glysantin® is available in both Concentrate (2Ltr and 5Ltr) and Ready Mix (5Ltr) packs.

Additional pack sizes for Comma winter products:

Comma has also announced new pack size additions to the Xstream® Antifreeze/Coolant range:

  • Comma OAT Xstream® G30® 2Ltr Ready Mixed
  • Comma Si-OAT Xstream® G40® 1Ltr and 20Ltr Concentrate
  • Comma OAT Super Longlife Red Coolant 1Ltr and 20Ltr Ready To Use
  • Comma Super Coldmaster Coolant 2Ltr litre Ready To Use

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