MER Auto Shine Technologie – exclusive to FPS

FPS gets the low down on on MER’s new range of ‘Auto Shine Technologie’ products.

Following 2 years of research and development, MER has launched a streamlined range of seven technically advanced products (10 SKUs). Branded as ‘Auto Shine Technologie’, this range sees not only new, advanced formulations, but also striking new packaging which helps the products to really stand out on the shelves.

FPS has secured the exclusive distribution rights for the automotive aftermarket, which means that FPS customers can rely on rely on next-day replenishment of stock with no minimum order quantity or value.

New MER formulations

Consumer feedback revealed that the thickness of our wax made it difficult to apply. Back in the lab we added new hybrid waxes and polymer sealant technology, and incorporated slower drying chemicals, all of which have produced the next generation hybrid wax with a superior gloss finish and protection. We have called it Deep Gloss finishing Wax because it leaves a cross linked polymer layer on the surface which is extremely resistant to the elements and provides an exceptional gloss.

Some changes have been in response to new regulations for the chemical industry. For MER Ultimate Shine Polish this has resulted in a product that creates minimal dusting and is easier to apply and buff off.
Aerosols have been removed from the range and replaced with spray cleaners that are kinder to the environment. The new wheel cleaner is a non-acidic formulation – it still achieves the same deep cleaning abilities and great shine but the more gentle formula is kinder to brake discs and other exposed areas.

New Branding

Extensive consumer research showed that few people knew MER was a German brand. It’s a widely held belief that German manufacturers produce some of the most technically advanced and highest performing cars in the market. The new look packaging helps to tap into that reputation by reminding consumers of MER’s German pedigree.

The range is available to the independent automotive aftermarket exclusively through FPS, so factors and retailers can rely on next-day replenishment of stock with no minimum order quantity or value. To find out how you can become a MER stockist, please contact your local FPS Representative.

MER Auto Shine Technologie - Complete Range
MER Auto Shine Technologie – Complete Range


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