Maypole Automatic Battery Chargers

Maypole’s latest range of automatic battery chargers accommodates the charging needs of current vehicles and are now available from FPS.

As modern vehicles become more complex, sophisticated charging technology is required to protect a vehicle’s electronic components. Recognising this expanding demand, Maypole has added four fully automatic and easy to use chargers to their range. Suitable for 12V lead acid, AGM and stop-start vehicle batteries, the chargers feature easy-to-use LED indicators that show the charging progress and are available from 4A to 12A.

  • MP7104Battery Charger – 4A – 12V – Automatic
  • MP7106Battery Charger 6A – 12V –  Automatic
  • MP7108Battery Charger 8A – 6V/12V – Automatic
  • MP7112Battery Charger 12A – 12V/24V –  Automatic

Maypole chargers also feature a float mode for automatic charging maintenance which allows the charger to be connected to the battery for a longer period of time. The chargers are also equipped with a range of built-in safety features including an in-line fuse as an extra safety feature for overcharge, short and reverse polarity protection.

Each charger comes with fully insulated crocodile clips and the whole kit is enclosed in a compact and robust ABS case. The packaging on the full range of battery chargers from Maypole has been updated and features easy-to-read product specifications and help-to-buy icons to help improve retail presence.

Maypole automatic chargers are catalogued on the F:Drive. For more information, please speak with your local FPS representative today.

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