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Maximise your Windscreen Visibility during Adverse Weather Conditions

Bosch elaborates on the various windscreen wipers available to overcome limited driver visibility during the colder months.

With the frosty conditions of winter, motor factors and garages often find an influx of demand in windscreen wipers as they become more safety critical. Around the colder months, drivers are looking to repair the consequences of the extreme elements on windscreens and wipers. Bosch’s optimised range of windscreen wipers allows motor factors to expect higher returns with a smaller investment in stock whilst easily selecting the right option for any vehicle.

Two Categories, One Market

Bosch blades are split into two categories:

  • Conventional Blades
  • Flat Blades

Conventional Blades

The Bosch Super Plus and Twin wiper ranges provide one of the best value conventional blades on the market. The robust all-metal bracket system and double corrosion protection are particularly resistant to adverse weather conditions. With an integrated spoiler, the blades are reinforced to withstand high speeds (i.e. motorway driving).

Bosch conventional wipers also have a pre-mounted universal Quick-Clip adaptor for ease of use.

Flat Blade Technology

The curvature and angle of windscreens of newer vehicles are fabricated to improve fuel efficiency through better aerodynamics. This has led to a shift in demand from traditional blade technology to flat blade technology, especially in newer cars. As a single piece, flat blade wiper, Bosch Aerotwin wiper blades ensure that the blade is evenly distributed over any shape of windscreen due to the two parallel high-tech spring strips made from Evodium steel which create optimum contact pressure.

The award-winning Aerotwin range features Bosch’s Power Protection Plus (P.P.P), a unique dual wiper rubber with a patented coating. The range has been designed to offer the smoothest, quietest and most efficient wiper performance, combining the innovative wiper rubber with flat blade technology.

Bosch’s short range of three Aerotwin blades, is able to cover more than 99% of the car parc. Regardless of the vehicle’s age, most cars in the UK can benefit from flat blade wiper technology. With a unique pre-mounted adaptor, Aerotwin blades can be retrofitted to older vehicles designed to only take conventional blades.

Ease of Application

Easily identifiable by the part number, Bosch offers a comprehensive range of Aerotwin blades for both front and rear screens. Together with its popular adaptors included as part of the product, Aerotwin blades are packaged with application details for ease of fitment. More cars are benefitting from Bosch’s wiper blade technology with good coverage on plastic and metal rear blades, along with flat blades in rear blade options.

Bosch wipers are available same/next-day from FPS via MAM Autocat and the F:Drive. For more information, speak with your local FPS representative.


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