Luk RepSet

The Complete (Rep)Set

LuK outlines signs of a damaged dual mass flywheel, and the benefits of the RepSet DMF.

When repairing a defective dual mass flywheel (DMF) it is advisable to replace the clutch at the same time. By doing so, premature clutch damage is avoided and the customer is saved from a second visit to the garage to fix it.

Signs to ‘LuK’ out for

• Gear Slippage – The inability of the car to move to the next gear can be attributed to a damaged flywheel, which causes plate grinding, amplified friction, and oil contamination. It may also shift to the next gear but slip back to the previous gear or increase speed slowly.
• Burnt Smell – A burning smell, like that of burnt toast is the effect of too much heat in the clutch facings, which is usually brought about by not fully disengaging the clutch, otherwise known as “riding the clutch”.
• Clutch Vibrations – An intensified rumbling or vibration from the clutch can also be a sign of a bad flywheel. They occur due to failure of the spring mount mechanism of the flywheel, which then leads to an inability to diminish the tremors as the driver uses the clutch.

A Single Part Solution

The LuK RepSet DMF is the “worry-free solution”. This provides OE quality, precision tuned components through a single part number to guarantee all parts work together in harmony. As well as the DMF, the set also contains the clutch disc, clutch pressure plate, all bolts needed for repair (stretch bolts), and conventional release bearings or a hydraulic concentric slave cylinder (CSC). This ensures correct fitment and safe operation from the very start.

The set is particularly excellent for use in vehicles with an integrated DMF as it increases driving comfort and reduces transmission load.

From FPS

LuK now has 35 RepSet DMFs available through FPS via next-day delivery.

Highlights include:
• 600001700 – RepSet DMF for VW Passat 2.0 (2010-14)
• 600017300 – RepSet DMF for Ford Transit 460 2.4 (2006-14)
• 600019700 – RepSet DMF for Nissan Qashqai 1.5 (2013>)

LuK RepSet DMFs are catalogued on the F:Drive and MAM Autocat. For more information, please contact your local FPS representative.

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