LED bulbs added to range

20 new-to-range LED bulbs have been added to the FPS range.

The range additions consist of head lamp, fog lamp and side lamp bulbs.

Energy conservation is becoming increasingly more important and LED bulbs will progressively supersede older technologies. LED lighting has a lifetime equal to that of the vehicle and needs approximately 10% of the power requirement of conventional bulbs.

Features and benefits of LED bulbs:
• Up to 20x life expectancy of a standard filament lamp, so considerably less chance of downtime
• Vibration resistant, due to no filament (the main reason for CV bulb failure)
• Equal light output to conventional bulbs
• Same caps as standard bulbs, so no special fitting requirements

All products are suitable for off-road use only. For more information please visit the F:Drive and search for LED Bulbs in the Non-Components section.



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