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Glow Plug Control Units (GCUs) for Astra, Zafira and Corsa – the timing controls for glow plugs. They activate the plugs via an electrical current, heating the cylinders to the right temperature for diesel fuel to ignite.


Usually clipped onto the battery holder, within the engine compartment. Found in blue or black depending on the engine code.

Reasons for Failure

Most failures occur due to everyday wear-and-tear, engine vibrations, or a water corroded terminal. A faulty GCU hinders ignition, especially in cold conditions.


An engine management light on the dashboard alerts the driver to faults. Associated error codes include P0670, P0671, P0672, P0673 and P0674. Unit parts are straightforward to replace.


Part No. Description Application
55354141 Glow plug control unit Astra H (04-10), Zafira B (05>), Sintra (97-99), Vectra B (96-02)
55353011 Glow plug control unit Astra H (04-10), Zafira B (05>), Agila A (00-08), Agila B (08>), Astra G (98-05), Zafira A (98-05), Corsa C (01-06), Meriva A (03-10)

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