Lambda Sensor Fault Codes

Engine management specialist, Cambiare explains the various ECU fault codes that may lead to a misdiagnosis of faulty lambda sensors.

With more than 500 lambda sensors in range, Cambiare offers a comprehensive range of sensors and technical expertise to match.

The technical team at Cambiare has recognised that lambda sensors can often be misdiagnosed as faulty when using a scanning tool as there are often additional issues that can cause the ECU to display certain fault codes. Several common fault codes that can lead to misdiagnosis and possible root causes for the code, other than a faulty lambda sensor are listed below:

It is also important to note that the ‘code reader’ may indicate ‘Bank 1 Sensor 1’. ‘Bank 1’ is the exhaust section connected ‘Cylinder 1’, and ‘Sensor 1’ is the first sensor of the system. A 4-cylinder inline engine will normally only have ‘Bank 1’.

If the system indicates ‘Bank 2’, it will be the section that is connected to ‘Cylinder 2’, and it is usually an engine with cylinders arranged in a ‘V’-configuration.

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