K&N® High-Flow Air Filter: Performance Par Excellence

The K&N® High-Flow Air Filter™ range new to the FPS filtration programme!

Range Addition

FPS has recently added a range of 300+ K&N® High-Flow Air Filters™, designed to fit most modern passenger vehicles and high performance vehicles, such as:

• 33-2405 for Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG 6.2 A209 (2006-2010)
• 33-2413 for Nissan GT-R 3.8 R35 (2009-2011)
• 33-2304 for Subaru Impreza 2.5 WRX STi (2007-2011)

Not only does K&N® cover more applications than any other manufacturer of a similar product, it also makes thousands of racing and speciality type air filters using the same technology and serves the needs of motorcycle, marine, industrial and military markets the world over.

Design Innovation

K&N® High-Flow Air Filters™ were created for an environment requiring maximum horsepower and enhanced acceleration, in addition to protection from dirt and dust. This is achieved through the unique characteristics of the high-flow cotton air filter medium, developed by K&N®. These air filters consist of four to six sheets of cotton gauze, layered between two sheets of aluminium wire mesh. The media is then pleated and oiled to enhance its filtering capabilities and overall performance.

The unique processing renders the air filters:
• Washable
• Reusable
• Built to last for the life of an automotive or motorcycle engine

K&N® High-Flow Air Filters™ increase the horsepower of the engine with up to 50% more airflow.

Since its inception in 1969, K&N® Engineering, Inc. has been designing, manufacturing and enhancing air filters for the automotive enthusiast interested in maximising horsepower and acceleration. Headquartered in Riverside, California, K&N® is the world leader in performance air filter technology and prides itself as being the innovator of the unique cotton air filtration system and inventor of the High-Flow Air Filter™.

Assurance of Quality

The filter media are tested both in-house and by independent labs using the ISO 5011 test protocol to ensure an optimal blend of high air flow, filtration efficiency, durability and dust capacity. In addition, the filters are tested against the OE to ensure proper fit and function.

The washable air filters also help reduce the number of disposable air filters required through the lifetime of a vehicle, thus making it a wiser choice for the environment. The reusable filter elements are available for most makes and models of cars and light commercial vehicles and designed to directly replace standard OE air filters. Each air filter can last up to 50,000 miles before cleaning is required and is backed by a Million Mile Limited Warranty®.

The K&N® High-Flow Air Filters™ range is catalogued on MAM Autocat+ and can be found on the F:Drive upon searching by application. All parts are available the same/next-day from FPS.


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