A selection of BGA timing chain kits

Kitting you out with BGA’s Timing Chain Kit Range

BGA talks about their latest timing chain kits and common signs they need replacing.

While the timing chain is designed to last the vehicle’s lifetime, they rarely do due to the components stretching and wearing down over time. The timing chain’s demise is often hastened by infrequent oil changes, impure oil or a depleted oil tank.

Take no chances

When the timing chain does need replacing, it’s recommended that the surrounding components are also replaced since they will be similarly worn down. BGA timing chain kits are ideal for this procedure as they contain all necessary components, including tensioners, guides, sprockets and gaskets where applicable.

Not all engines are equal

Some engines are particularly prone to timing chain damage. Recent highlights designed for these specific engines include:


– fits the BMW N20 set of engines which suffer from high noise levels coming from the engine and scoring on the crankshaft. This signals that the engine is suffering from a stretched chain, which if left unchecked will result in the chain jumping teeth, damaging the inlet valves, and causing serious damage to other parts of the engine.


– fits the A16XHT Vauxhall engine. These engines are prone to poor lubrication of the chain tensioner which causes the timing chain system to sound like “spanners in a cement mixer” when the engine is first started. On vehicles with this issue the vehicle manufacturer recommends both the timing chain and balance chain systems are replaced. BGA offer a full solution with their full kilt which includes the chains, tensioner, guides and sprockets.


– fits Audi, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen 2.0 petrol engines. At around 40,000 miles the chain is known to jump several teeth, damaging it and the tensioner when the water pump seizes. If the chain and tensioner aren’t replaced, then timing the camshafts back up at top dead centre becomes very difficult and the car will struggle at low revs and in reverse. The tensioner in this kit is also known to fail if service intervals are not followed as dirty oil can block the oil ways and prevent the tensioner from working correctly. This could lead to the engine losing timing. BGA now offer the VVT sprocket with the chain and tensioner as the sprocket teeth will wear and should be also replaced.

Covering more bases

This year, BGA have added 40 new timing chain kits to their extensive range, meaning over 200 kits are now available from FPS complete with a 12-month warranty. Based in the UK, BGA develop and test all kits at their in-house bespoke testing facilities to deliver quality and peace of mind. The range is available on the F:Drive for same/ next-day delivery; for more information speak to your FPS representative.

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