Kilen Springs

Kilen stresses the benefits of quality when it comes to spring replacements.

The extremely wet weather which welcomed 2014 will have taken its toll on suspension springs. Fully exposed to the elements, coil springs come into contact with water, stones and grit during everyday use. Without adequate protection, corrosion will cause the springs and suspension system to fail. To supply reliable coil springs – especially with the unpredictable weather we are currently experiencing – it is crucial to select the right materials and the right manufacturing processes. When it comes to selecting the right supplier, consistently high availability is also a key factor. Last year, Kilen invested in increased production capacity, enhancing their ability to meet any peaks in market demand, and allowing them to react more quickly and maintain availability where competitors could not.

Rust and Creep Corrosion

The most common cause of spring failure is corrosion, as chips in the exposed layer of lacquer cannot be avoided. Cracks and chips allow water to penetrate, leading to creep corrosion which spreads beneath the paint layer, greatly reducing service life. To help combat rust and prevent creep corrosion, Kilen uses only the highest grade steel from selected mills to achieve the exceptional surface and internal wire quality necessary for modern suspension springs. Each Kilen spring undergoes a chemical process called zinc phosphating, adding a layer of corrosion protection, before painting. Kilen then uses electrostatics to apply a coat of epoxy powder resin paint to each coil spring, which is much more durable than standard paint.

Replacing in Pairs

When a spring fails, drivers often request that only the defective spring is replaced. Failure to replace in axle pairs, and the result of an imbalanced ride-height, can however have multiple negative consequences. In addition to higher labour costs there is also the inconvenience of the vehicle being off-the-road on two separate occasions.

Other potential consequences of not replacing springs in axle pairs include:

• increased braking distance • increased tyre wear

• decreased vehicle handling • less responsive steering

• reduced comfort

Springs typically degrade at a similar rate across an axle (with normal usage). If one spring breaks, it’s fair to assume the other won’t be far behind. Replacing in pairs not only ensures customer safety and satisfaction, it is also a great upselling opportunity.


Kilen springs are covered by a 3-year warranty and are certified to match or exceed OE quality, allowing fitment without warranty restrictions.

Kilen Leaf Springs (incl. HD) only have a one year warranty.


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