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Kilen Advises on Caring for Gas Springs

With more than 1,500 gas springs in range, Kilen advises on good care for gas springs this summer to avoid winter blues.

Cycling is increasingly popular in the UK and so is the fitting of bike racks onto cars. While this is a great way of transporting bikes, improper use can have a negative and potentially costly impact on a car’s gas springs.

Picture1Automotive gas springs are designed to support the opening and closing of a vehicle’s boot or bonnet. Each spring is specifically designed to hold up half the total weight of the tailgate or bonnet but any additional weight will affect the performance and shorten the life expectancy of the springs.

Kilen advises to avoid subjecting the springs to more weight than they were designed for by removing bike racks before opening the boot. This averts damage to the gas spring seals from undue force.

If a bike rack has been used over the summer, the vehicle’s gas springs should be checked and if necessary, they should be replaced before winter to ensure effective performance.

Kilen’s most popular gas springs in range:

422059 – To fit: Ford Focus 1.6 (2004–2012)

465043 – To fit: Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 (2000–2004)

446031 – To fit: Peugeot 307 1.6 (2002–2009)

Kilen’s range of gas springs are catalogued on MAM Autocat and the F:Drive. Speak to your local representative to know more.