FPS Transport Manager

Keeping us Moving Behind the Scenes

FPS has become one of the market leaders in distribution services, primarily supplying retailers and motor factors nationwide with parts & products for their customers.

Without a fully maintained and serviced delivery fleet, our customers wouldn’t benefit from the impressive next-day or same-day delivery service they’ve come to rely on.

Our Delivery Operation

At FPS we proudly run an overnight delivery operation, with a fleet of seven Scania articulated trucks. The overnight schedule ships next-day orders from our National Distribution Centre in Sheffield to our regional hubs across the UK for delivery the following day. The trucks also carry replenishment stock for our branches, to ensure they are able to maintain our same-day delivery service on key product lines. Return journeys are not wasted either, with product returns swiftly carried back to Sheffield, and even stops at some of our suppliers’ premises to collect products to replenish our shelves.

Our Fleet

It is vital that we keep our trucks on the road, to ensure that stock is in the right place at the right time to fulfil orders. The artic trucks that make up our fleet benefit from Scania’s comprehensive repair and maintenance contract which we have utilised throughout our twenty-year relationship with them to keep us on the go. Scania not only maintains the trucks, but services and maintains the extensive trailer fleet too. The Sheffield NDC is in prime proximity to the local dealer, Scania Sheffield, which makes maintenance and trailer care effortless for our fleet team, so they can focus on getting our products from A to B.

“Today, we have seven artics in our fleet, all Scania. Ninety percent of what we do is overnight distribution work and if we stop, so do our customers and the vehicles belonging to their customers!”

  • Mark Wilson, FPS Transport Manager

The partnership between FPS and Scania has featured in a publication by transport journalist Michael Philips – read the publication. For more information about logistics, take a look at our Case Study: Custom Accessories Europe.

Look out for Mark in the Scania marketing campaign, the ad will be used in trade magazines such as Export & Freight, Commercial Motor, Motor Transport, Truck & Driver, Transport Engineer and Transport News.

Scania Ad


FPS is one of the UK’s leading providers of service-led supply chain solutions. Founded in 1934, and employing over 1,200 people, it operates from 23 sites in the UK. Acting as a distribution partner for a number of major brands, its core business is providing automotive parts, car accessories and consumables to the reseller network. Through recent expansion FPS now successfully provides wholesale distribution services in the Maintenance & Accessories sector, serving a number of blue-chip companies. Dedicated to service excellence and innovation, the company offers a wide range of services meeting the varying needs of manufacturers, suppliers, resellers and business consumers across the supply chain. For further details go to http://www.fpsdistribution.com/pr-corner/ or contact comms@fpsdistribution.co.uk