Keep your Garage Safe & Secure over Winter!

As winter woes start to pile up for motorists, garages need to stay on top of their game to ensure that they do the job correctly, efficiently and safely.

Winter presents fantastic sales opportunities for motor factors. Here are some opportunities to dive into, to help motor factors stay ahead of the game.


As winter approaches, burglaries increase in proportion to the longer hours of darkness. ABUS padlocks are categorised in accordance to the ABUS Global Protection Standard (GPS) system. By offering clear indication of security levels ranging from basic protection to high-security, ABUS padlocks offer quality to a spectrum of needs.

From sheds and out-buildings, to front door, garage and office security, ABUS offers various ranges including laminated, weatherproof, combination, brass and Titalium, all of which, come in a variety of different sizes and styles.

Two popular choices are:

Titalium padlocks

This innovative material provides high-security at a fraction of the weight. Weighing approximately 30% less than traditional brass padlocks, Titalium padlocks provide the same, reliable security that brass padlocks are known for. The range features open, closed and long shackle models in sizes ranging from 20 to 60mm.

ABUS Shackle Padlock
F:Drive Product Number: 64TI/40HB63C

Brass padlocks

One of the most common choice of padlocks because of its longevity and complete resistance to rust, brass padlocks can be used in a variety of environments. The range features open shackle, long shackle and combination models in sizes ranging from 30 to 50mm.

ABUS Brass Combination Padlock
F:Drive Product Number: 165/40C


Cold weather can take its toll on the skin. Coupled with harsh chemicals and abrasives found in the workshop, contact dermatitis is a common occurrence with technicians. SWARFEGA offers a range of more than 40 specialist cleaning products from hand cleansers to surface cleaners. Carefully formulated to perform at the highest standard, they remain a popular choice for workshops.

Popular ranges include:

Swarfega Orange

Removes ingrained oil, grease and general grime. This advanced formulation heavy-duty hand cleanser is solvent-free and contains non-abrasive micro-polymer granules with natural citrus oil for deep-cleansing action without drying out the skin.

Hand Cleaner
F:Drive Product Number: SOR4LMP

Swarfega Heavy

Integrated with a highly-refined hydrocarbon solvent, this advanced gel formulation quickly dissolves oil and grease for easy, residue-free rinse-off. The non-abrasive, micro-polymer granules effectively removes deeply ingrained oil, grease, tar, diesel, creosote, carbon and most soilings.

Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner
F:Drive Product Number: SHD125KG

Swarfega Pre-work & After-work Protection Cream

The perfume-free and non-greasy formula provides protection against contact with water and non-water based contaminants including dry powders to maintain healthy skin and avoid dryness.

Protection Cream
F:Drive Product Number: SPR1LC


An alternative way to protect hands from the harsh chemicals and the elements without compromising on mobility are nitrile gloves. UNIGLOVES’ quality nitrile gloves come in three ranges to cover a spectrum of application needs – general purpose, premium and commercial.

General Purpose

Ideal for general automotive tasks, the thinner construction ensures that you are able to perform intricate tasks without having the fine motor-skills impeded. The textured surface helps improve grip, making them ideal for tool handling.

Disposable Gloves
F:Drive Product Number: GS0032


Designed for automotive, chemical and cleaning use, this range offers improved resistance against puncture and abrasion without compromising on comfort and flexibility. Chlorinated to offer exceptional tactile sensitivity. The palm and fingertip textured surface is ideal for working in testing conditions.

Premium Gloves
F:Drive Product Number: GU0042


Offers high resistance to solvents, oil, grease and hydrocarbons found in antifreeze, paint, thinners, petrol, oils, etc. The commercial range provides security and protection when working in wet or oily conditions.

Commercial Disposable Gloves
F:Drive Product Number: GA004


Slip-ups happen and it is imperative to be ready when it does. Proper first aid response helps ensure that the bases are covered when things do not go according to plan in the workshop. With a range of kits available from SAFETY FIRST AID, garages can ensure that they do not skip a beat in ensuring the wellbeing of installers.

From the popular HSE First Aid Kit for 1 to 10 persons (K10AECON) to kits that include fire extinguishers and first aid and eyewash stations, SAFETY FIRST AID has kits to cater for garages of any speciality.

First Aid Kit
F:Drive Product Number: K10AECON


With the gloomier days and earlier nightfall closing in, choosing high quality inspection lighting ensures you can continue to work safely and effectively. FPS offers an extensive range of inspection lights from RING AUTOMOTIVE and COAST that have been popular with garages.

COAST products need very little introduction to garages across the UK as they are known for design, convenience and performance. Popular products include the stainless steel rechargeable inspection penlight (A9R) and the 620 Lumen Focusing LED Torch (POLYSTEEL600).

F:Drive Product Number: POLYSTEEL600
Penlight Torch
F:Drive Product Number: A9R

RING AUTOMOTIVE is a respected brand for automotive and inspection lighting products. The comprehensive range includes chip-on-board LED, UV, multi-positional and virtually indestructible lamps that cater for various applications. Popular choices include the MAGflex UV LED inspection lamp (RIL3100HP) and the Under Ramp LED Inspection Lamp (RUBL1000).

Inspection Lamp
F:Drive Product Number: RIL3100HP
Under Ramp Inspection Light
F:Drive Product Number: RUBL1000


The risk of slipping undoubtedly tends to rise as winter takes its grip. Garages should look into maintaining their grip on safety by updating their anti-slip surfaces. SIGNS & LABELS offer a selection of anti-slip tape to help improve traction on work floors. Medium-duty, resin bonded medium-duty grit surface onto strong adhesive tape that measures 50mm, 100mm and 150mm in width which can be applied quickly and easily.


Being properly attired for colder temperatures, gloomy days and earlier nightfall help gets the job done comfortably and safely. PORTWEST offers a comprehensive range of quality apparel featuring hi-vis gear, rainwear and thermal wear.

The classic rain jacket (S440BKR) is an affordable and popular choice to handle jobs during poor weather conditions. Stay warm and in clear view with the hardwearing and functional, yellow waterproof hi-vis traffic jacket (S460YER). The hi-vis jacket includes a drawstring hood, studded storm flap and multiple storage pockets.

Portwest Rain Jacket
F:Drive Product Number: S440BKR
Waterproof Hi-Vis Jacket
F:Drive Product Number: S460YER


Keeping warm and toasty is a priority for all, at the end of the year. Choosing a quality portable heater that is safety compliant is important to ensure the wellbeing of users. STATUS offers a range of heaters that deliver localised heating to open plan workspaces with overheat protection.


The rise in humidity over the winter months can lead to a myriad of issues in the workshop. Complement the measures taken to rust and mildew prevention with moisture traps and dehumidifiers by KONTROL and THOMAR.


Windscreen visibility is a prime safety concern when driving during winter. Garages can stay in a customer’s good books by providing added value services like keeping a clear view whilst driving during the colder and wetter months.

PMA Valeting offers a glass cleaner (GLS750) that is specifically formulated to easily remove dirt and grease, leaving a streak-free, crystal clear finish. Alternatively, take glass cleaning to the next level by opting for the anti-fog glass cleaner (FOG750) that prevents misting when used on the windscreen interior as well.

Use in tandem with PMA Valeting’s rain repellent (RAIN500) which is most effective after the screen is clean and grease free. The simple spray-on, wipe-off application provides a durable hydrophobic finish that repels rain, sleet and snow, while aiding the removal of salt, bugs, mud and general grime.

Glass Cleaner
F:Drive Product Number: GLS750
Anti-Fog Glass Cleaner
F:Drive Product Number: FOG750
Windscreen Rain Repellent
F:Drive Product Number: RAIN500


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