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July 2016 Vital News, Out Now!

Welcome note from Neil Davis, Managing Director.

Welcome to the latest issue of Vital News July 2016.

I am writing this before the results of the EU referendum and Euro 2016, so cannot comment on the outcome, though I am pretty sure I could guess at least one of them correctly. Whichever, the world keeps turning and life goes on. As ever, it’s business as usual at FPS with new stock injections and a broader coverage of products for you to benefit from.

Following up on its successful launch last quarter, this issue gives you a detailed update of the complete Shaftec steering portfolio in our cover feature. We have also been updating our stock with mid-tier suppliers and see what’s new from Cambiare along with range updates from braking brand Braymann. Elsewhere, with HGV+ and the Pre-1980’s catalogue turning a year old, we offer an insight into the business opportunities offered to you via these initiatives. Since we aim to deliver a full offering across various market segments and price points, we have also taken care that fast-moving components are regularly updated and this issue covers such news from both Fahren and Reisse.

Furthermore, with the FPS-Bosch relationship turning a year old, we have expanded our product portfolio to include more than just engine management parts. We have always taken great care to ensure that our suppliers and partners are keen in providing not just a wide coverage, but are also at the helm of technical know-how and expertise. This issue will give you such an insight into product ranges like window regulators from Electric-Life, water pump kits from Gates, rubber-metal parts from febi and bearings from Federal-Mogul. We have also seen some very positive growth in the non-components side of the business, with the launch of PMA Valeting line. Furthermore, read about the latest updates from Michelin and Mont Blanc as well as Comma Oils and Swarfega.

We continue to invest in the business, moving our systems onto more powerful, more resilient systems and upgrading all the phone systems. The aim is to give you an even better level of service and stability while investing in future to provide the tight, long-term solutions.

As always, do let us know if you have any feedback.
Meanwhile, happy reading!

Neil Davis
Managing Director, FPS

Neil Davis


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