Join the Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF)

Join the Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF)

In an open letter IAAF President, Graham Knight, shares his thoughts on why the IAAF is essential to the survival of the aftermarket.

To the Aftermarket,

There are two parts to the automotive industry:

Part 1 is the Vehicle Assemblers ( VA). According to my Autocat there are 88 different brands (although some of these are no longer with us and many others are from the same stable). However, my point is that it’s a relatively small number of highly professional, well-resourced companies with enough financial clout to affect the economies of most countries. Not surprising, then, that Governments listen when they speak.

Part 2 is the Aftermarket. Lord knows how many manufacturers and suppliers there are supporting the 3,000 distributors and factors who, in turn, service the needs of around 25-30,000 garages – and that’s just passenger cars. With a few notable, large exceptions, we are a fragmented collection of smaller, albeit no less professional, individual businesses.

It’s a curious relationship between the two. The Aftermarket needs the VA’s – clearly without vehicles we don’t have an industry. While I would have thought the fact that lower cost aftermarket servicing makes cars more affordable and therefore more accessible to a wider market, the VAs appear to think differently and make life difficult for us at times. (I’m thinking specifically about our ability to source some captive parts, access to technical information and some messages surrounding the use of OE parts.)

And that’s why our industry has and needs the IAAF. It’s the only independent federation speaking on behalf of its members with one clear, articulate voice, ensuring the Af termarket isn’t disadvantaged.
I have to say, the IAAF punches ‘way above its weight’. To do this, it relies solely on the subscriptions of its members (factors, retailers, garages, manufacturers, distributors and engine reconditioners).

So how can you help us to help you? Firstly, if you’re not already a member you should be! For less than the cost you would pay to settle a frustrated warranty you could be. However, if you’re a member of GroupAuto , IFA, The Parts Alliance, PDP or UAN, then I’m pleased to say that you already are. If not, please don’t let that stop you joining and supporting in your own right, as many already have.

Secondly, please, please, please communicate with us; we need to know when you come across any forms of restrictive practice. We would also like more garages to be encouraged to join us so that we can better understand their trials and tribulations.

For more information please contact me at the IAAF

United we stand!

Graham Knight
FPS Operations Director (South) & IAAF President

What is the IAAF?

The IAAF represents and champions the interests of those involved in the independent automotive Aftermarket. The organisation is comprised of three distinct elements, covering distribution, lobbying and workshop activities.

Why should I join the IAAF?

The IAAF’s mission is to serve, strengthen and promote the independent automotive Aftermarket on behalf of its members and for the benefit of the consumer. As a member, you can take advantage of numerous support services, from practical day-to-day support to lobbying services.

How do I join the IAAF?

To find out more about the IAAF, including how to join, contact Graham Knight, IAAF President, on


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