Jelly Belly 3D gel air freshener fragrances; 'Pink Grapefruit', 'Island Punch' and 'Top Banana'.

New fragrances added to the Jelly Belly range

We are pleased to announce that Jelly Belly has added 3 new 3D gel air fresheners to its range: Pink Grapefruit, Island Punch and Top Banana.

There’s revolution in the air…

New to the Jelly Belly range, and available from us, are three exciting new 3D gel air freshener fragrances; the sweet ‘Pink Grapefruit’, the tangy ‘Island Punch’ and the fruity ‘Top Banana’. Visually appealing in their dynamic gel format, as well as providing a long lasting fragrance, they can be hung from a vehicle’s rear view mirror, in the office or even at home. The useful hook attached to the bean  further adds to its versatility.

The Jelly Belly range is available from the F:Drive

Following this recent range extension, the total number of Jelly Belly jelly bean 3D gel air fresheners available from our range is 9.  In addition to individual air fresheners, stands are also available for factors to display front of store. This gives them an excellent opportunity to maximise on the commercial exposure and popularity of this highly recognised brand.

Customers can purchase individual units, clip strips, counter displays or a 160 piece floor display to create a unique and exciting point of sale.

To purchase one of the new air fresheners, or to learn more about other staple fragrances in the range, visit the F:Drive today.

About Jelly Belly

The fantastic scent and colour combinations of Jelly Belly jelly beans are captured in an innovative range of scented accessories. Invented in 1976, with only 8 original flavours, Jelly Belly jelly beans now have over 50 official flavours in existence, meaning Jelly Belly are constantly updating their fragrance range.

All Jelly Belly air fresheners are designed and produced by Custom Accessories Europe, the innovative and well-established brand development and distribution company specialising in car accessories.


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