Is Your Engine Mount Fail-Proof?

Choose the right engine mount with Corteco.

Engine mounts are fundamental to vehicle vibration control as they absorb drive torque and the forces of inertia during acceleration and cornering. Furthermore, they absorb vibrations caused by the:

• Combustion process
• Contact with the road

As safety-critical components, engine mounts are subject to MOT tests and so garages expect motor factors to deliver only those brands that meet the highest standards. Numerous vehicles on the UK roads today are equipped with engine mounts that contain very complex technology. However, not all of the available replacement brands provide the same level of complexity and performance as Corteco provides.

It is always advisable to choose a quality part where engine mounts are concerned. Tests carried out by Corteco highlight that some aftermarket engine mounts fall short of OE performance criteria.

All the engine mounts tested were subject to two well-established, standard OE industry test procedures:
• Spring load test that examines performance under load
• Dynamic load testing, or the sweep test, which helps determine various outcomes, including the level of durability and fatigue

It is worth remembering that not all engine mounts are the same and it is what is inside the rubber casing that really counts. Excessive rigidity can cause the engine to lift higher than the ‘normal’ position, making it tilt to one side. This increases the tensile force on the driveshaft, thus increasing wear and tear. Vibration levels also increase if the damping is too low. This is transmitted initially through to the engine, and from there, throughout the entire vehicle. This can cause problems when driving off or simply through idling, for example.

Corteco points out that engine mount technology on the latest generation of vehicles is far more advanced, which makes the assurance of OE quality even more essential.

For example, engine mounts on the Audi A6, such as part no. 80004297, contain a series of internal chambers. When the driver switches to ‘sports’ mode, an alcohol-based substance moves between these chambers in order to ‘stiffen up’ the suspension. This anticipates the additional load on the engine caused by increased speed and/or more demanding road conditions. Consequently, the engine mounts give added protection to the engine, while maintaining the quality of the ride.

A high level of OE technical expertise like Corteco’s is required to produce parts capable of satisfying the broad range of functions that hydraulic engine mounts must perform to meet the vehicle manufacturers’ criteria. While many parts might fit, only a careful selection guarantees the right one for the job.

FPS stocks more than 400 engine mount references from Corteco. While popular applications such as part no. 80001347 for Vauxhall Meriva 1.3 CDTi (2006-09) are available to order same/next day, non-stocked lines are available for special order.



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