distribution capacity

Further Investment to Enhance Distribution Capacity & Service Levels

With the introduction of new bespoke mega trailers and VW Crafter vans, we continue to invest in our distribution infrastructure to increase capacity and enhance service levels.

In January, we received an exciting delivery at our national distribution centre in Sheffield, namely two mega trailers. These new additions to our fleet offer even more space than our existing trailers, meaning further stock can be delivered overnight to replenish our regional branches. Measuring 13.7m in length and 4.9m in height, each trailer has the ability to stack boxes 4 high and can fit 90 boxes in total. That’s 18 boxes more than our current trailers’ maximum capacity.

Pictured below, Logistics Director Charlie Weale takes a closer look at the capacity of a mega trailer:

Charlie comments,

“we worked closely with our trailer suppliers to create a bespoke design that met all of our requirements. The trailers each benefit from a stripped-out double deck and a tear-drop front for aerodynamic efficiency”.

What’s more, to ensure they are compatible with our new Moffett forklift trucks, each trailer has 2 rear buffers to assist with mounting. Each of the new trailers will be used to replenish stock at four of our twenty UK branches. Following a successful trial period, we plan to introduce additional mega trailers to the fleet.

Optimised Transport Infrastructure

As a company, we are always looking for ways to become more environmentally friendly, in terms of noise and emissions pollution.

Working closely with our trailer manufacturers, we have been able to create a transport infrastructure adapted to our needs and which ultimately allows us to maintain optimum service levels as the company continues to grow. The team will continue to stay at the forefront of innovations, constantly reviewing methods in place to ensure our logistics meet the demands of today, whilst keeping pace with tomorrow.

VW Crafter Vans to Boost Stock Replenishment

Furthermore, 3 new VW Crafter vans, with low-height and curtain sided-bodies, will join the fleet in May. These will enable lunchtime deliveries to branches in order to replenish stock. With space for up to 6 collapsible boxes, as well as lightweight but bulky pallets, these new vans will double the amount we can carry. Branches will no longer need to wait for the overnight truck to receive these deliveries and we are confident the advantages of this will be quickly felt.

The Transport Team

In the maintenance of all of our HGV trucks and trailers, we operate under strict legislation. To assess performance and maintain standards, our dedicated Transport team oversees a series of managed Scania maintenance checks alongside our own reporting. This is in preparation for the DVSA-approved inspection that is carried out by the FTA Inspectorate three times per year.

Thanks to the team’s diligence and attention to detail, we recorded a full annual clean sheet against any defects for the 12th year running – an achievement that is almost unheard of in the distribution industry. Furthermore, with each of our vehicles fitted with a tachograph device to monitor driving; in 2015, our results far surpassed the already impressive national average.


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