Introducing Braymann

FPS is pleased to announce new braking brand, Braymann to its portfolio.

The Braymann range contains over 770 parts including caliper kits, pad & shoe fitting kits, adjusters and wear indicators.

With driver safety at the forefront of its programme, Braymann parts are manufactured to OE specifications and guarantee optimum braking performance.

Why Replace Brake Accessories?

Fittings will have been subjected to wear and tear throughout the life of the pad or shoe, which will have stretched and deformed over time.

Failure to replace fittings when purchasing a brake pad may lead to brake noise and rattle, uneven wear and possible damage to the braking system.

It is for similar reasons that caliper kits, adjusters and wear indicators should also be replaced, making all of these parts an ideal cross-sell opportunity.

Did you Know?

Tension in the pad fitting clip is reduced by 50% within 1-2 years, and spring tension in a shoe is reduced by 30% in the same period.

Therefore, it’s essential to replace fittings at the same time as the pad or shoe.

Range Highlights–  Pad fitting kit
   BBA4008 – Mini Cooper S 1.6 – (01-10>)–  Wear indicator
   BWL0001 – Mercedes Benz B Class 2.0
(10/05-12/12)–  Caliper kit
   BBA2001 – Audi A3 2.0 – (09/04-08/13)



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