Intelligent Car Battery Charging

Avoid Getting a Flat Battery with Intelligent Car Battery Charging

Energizer® explains the functionality of intelligent car battery chargers and how these are a must-have to prevent battery problems, especially during the winter months.

Battery problems are more likely to surface during winter as the temperatures and energy demands shift drastically. Furthermore, many cars that are infrequently used tend to have trouble starting when drivers are ready to use them.

Car battery chargers are used to charge a battery that has run low or to maintain one that may not be used for an extended period of time.

The Latest Charging Technology

Intelligent battery chargers harness the latest technology to provide safe charging to a vehicle’s battery. They also can be left safely attached to the car for long periods of time with occasional monitoring. Intelligent battery chargers optimise the charge rate to prevent damage and help prolong the battery’s life. By automatically detecting the fastest charging mode and when the battery is at full charge, intelligent battery chargers diminish any risk of overcharging and damaging the battery until the charger is switched off.

Power Functions

There are 3 main types of battery chargers available, each with different functions:

Basic Battery Charger – charges a battery to a pre-determined level or full capacity which can take up to 10 hours depending on battery size.

Maintenance Battery Charger – also known as a ‘trickle charge’, maintenance battery chargers are designed to provide a very low current to help maintain the battery at its optimum level in vehicles that are infrequently used.

Intelligent/Smart Battery Charger – combines the functions of both, basic and maintenance chargers to give the user a fully automatic charger that is hassle-free.

3-Stage Charge Cycle

The Energizer® intelligent battery charger has a 3-stage charging cycle:

Rapid Start Charge (20% – 70% charge).
The charger delivers maximum charging amperage to re-energise the battery swiftly.

Absorption Charge (70% – 90% charge).
When the charger detects that the battery has approached a 70% charge threshold, it automatically switches the setting to maintain the charge at a constant and safe lower voltage.

Maintenance (90% – 100% charge).
As the battery reaches full charge, the voltage is lowered to maintain a pulsing low input current.

By taking power from a mains socket, the Energizer® intelligent battery charger does away with the need for jump leads and another car in order to re-energise a flat battery.

It is suitable for lead acid batteries such as SLA, WET, AGM, VRLA and GEL. The LED charge status indicator allows for the user to quickly and easily identify the charging status of the car battery.

Modern Car Demands

Vehicle batteries are faced with heavier performance demands in modern cars as the electronics and circuitry tend to drain the battery quicker than an older car. Intelligent battery chargers are designed to recondition vehicle batteries to ensure optimum performance and extend its lifespan as well as reviving flat batteries.

Designed for safety, Energizer® intelligent battery charger can be wall mounted. Energizer® intelligent battery chargers are available from FPS and can be found on the F:Drive under Maintenance>Car Battery>Battery Chargers. For more information, please speak with your local FPS representative.


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