Fahren and Cabiare ignition coils available same-day and next-day from FPS

Looking for Ignition Coils? With Us the Choice is Yours.

In a bid to provide customers with more product choice, earlier this year we launched a range of competitively priced ignition coils from Fahren. This range sits alongside the OEM quality offering from Cambiare. So if you’re looking for ignition coils, the choice is yours!

Ignition coil market drivers

The ignition coil market is changing; driven mainly be a changing economy and the aging UK car parc, with the number of cars on the road over 9 years old rising. With a varying car parc, vehicle owners will have varying requirements when it comes to the cost of servicing their cars, which is usually in relation to the residual value of that car. Taking these factors and the economic situation into account, where some people have less disposable income, there is a calling for more competitively priced aftermarket solutions.


We are here to give you choice

 Having built a reputation for offering quality products and support, we have also recognised the need to provide factors with more choice. Consequently, we have introduced tiered offerings across many product areas to provide factors with a solution to suit their customers’ varying needs. Following this commitment, a new range of ignition coils from Fahren has been introduced. We continue to support key aftermarket brands, so this competitively priced range sits nicely alongside the current OE matching quality offering available from Cambiare, providing, motor factors with more choice.

Fahren Ignition Coils

For customers faced with price constraints, who are still concerned with quality and reliability, the Fahren ignition coil range offers quality for  less and comes with a 1 year or 12,000 mile warranty, whichever comes first. The range includes 19 references, covering over 1,200 vehicles.


Cambiare Ignition Coils

For the majority of customers, the Cambiare proposition will be a good choice of OE matching quality ignition coils and modules, containing over 440 part numbers. The range includes coil packs, dry ignition coils, pencil coils, plug top coils, rail coils and oil-filled coils. The entire range comes with a 2 year or 30,000 mile warranty to give customers the confidence to fit and forget.


Both ignition coil offering are available same-day and next-day from FPS. For further information, speak to your local FPS Representative.



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